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Welcome to MetLife's Administration Manual!

This Administration Manual is a reference tool developed to help you facilitate the administration of benefits for covered insured persons and is intended to be an overview. Not all state specific regulations are included within the content of this manual. Please refer to the specifics within your policy and certificate for complete details.

This manual illustrates guidelines for common administrative functions needed to administer your group benefits, including:

  • Enrollment, billing, certificate issuance and claims processing
  • MetLife contact list
  • Descriptions and samples of forms
  • Form Finder is a quick and easy search tool to find forms

If you have any questions regarding this manual, please refer to Contact Us.

For insured benefits, the group insurance policy, including all certificates and other exhibits, and any participation agreement, if applicable, is the governing document. Legal requirements and terms and conditions of the governing document control in the event of any conflict with this manual.

All information contained in this manual is proprietary to MetLife and should not be shared with third parties without the prior written consent of MetLife. All information is subject to change without notice. However, MetLife will make every effort to provide advance notice where appropriate.